No-Fly Zones, Attack on Press, Ushers in New Brutal

Police State Tactics

by “Westside Walter”


AUGUST 13, 2014


Where in the hell is the left and right in America holding fire and brimstone on the President of the United States?

What is being witnessed is America becoming a tyrannical militarized police state.

FergusonThis is shameful as what was formerly a great nation turns into Germany’s Brown Shirts with technology so vast that one has to ask the question is this any longer a democratic republic where the Constitution and Bill of Rights means anything anymore?

The whole world should be watching the American Stasi and the shame and horrors lead by those who make billions in the military/defense contractor monopoly and get but a glimpse of what may in fact is being done in the name of ‘democracy’ in our country and around the world.

Just take a look at what an all-white dominated police force does in a black community.

And what about what they are dressed in and carrying?  Since when are American police prepared for war?

The whole world should be watching and the cameras should be in the face of President Obama.

This is one time when the sky should be filled with drones capturing for the whole world to see what American hypocrisy and horrors in defammation of the freedoms America is supposed to protect.

CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, FOX, BBC and ESPN get your drones in the sky to capture the collapsing of the empire in all it’s shameful glory despite the takeover of the FAA by the Pentagon, the CIA, ‘Homeland’ Security and any of the hundreds if not thousands of military contractors, mercenary armies of biotechnological agribusiness companies ala Monsanto who appear to be in a game where men, women, children and family pets are the first targets in this war against freedom and human potential.

Is it not about time to stop true state enforced and supported terrorism?

Shock and Awe is very much alive on the streets, in the towns and neighborhoods being used against on our friends, neighbors and communities to the glory of the ‘homeland’ and it’s shareholders.

The shame and tyranny must stop and those involved prosecuted.

Did you hear that Mr President?

If Dr King were here he’d never let down on you from personal responsibility to preserve, protect and defend.

Were you not some sort of constitutional law expert and teacher?

Did we miss something is the translation?

Dr King would be there on your doorstep and unlike your never meeting Nelson Mandela since you became president I don’t think momma is giving you an excuse to avoid meeting the spiritual leader of the human rights movement.

He’d ask for thousands upon thousands to descend on the White House and Missouri with cameras in hand to show the entire world America has become and perhaps once and for all identify who the puppet masters are.

When is enough is enough?

The battlecry at the end of the Nazi regime was “Never Again”. It is about time to roll up the flag and without firing one shot except the shout heard round the world that shines the light upon tyranny and those that despise freedom.

Enough IS enough.

Never again shall we allow the repugnant behavior of dysfunctional psychopaths destroy the possibility of life, freedom and the ability to dream of a better world for any human willing to give their all for it.
War has been declared on Ferguson, Missouri by a foreign occupier and what is the Mayor, Governor and President going to do?

Never Ever Again!

Mr Obama this is one you can’t and must not avoid.

Time to become a leader of all the people includng those that elected you.

May the photos and videos be etched in you mind and heart and may you put an end to this shameless spectacle.

Time to grow up Barack and be true to those words in those documents that you claim to hold to your heart and what you swore to uphold and defend against all enemies.

May the spirit of Dr King ring from sea to shining sea and Americans awaken from the deep fog they appear to be in and may tyranny be replaced with freedom or at least the idea of it.