Biden’s Open Border Attracting Army of Homeless Migrants From All Over the World!

The leftist radicals in the Biden Circus in Washington, D.C. have reached a new low.  They have opened the borders and hundreds of thousands of so-called asylum seekers are pouring in.  March 2022 was huge.  Over 200,000 were caught.  They were mostly shipped out in buses to cities across America.  Some were put on airplanes to land in the middle of the night in some inland city, where they are taken by “charities” to safe houses.

The NGOs and particularly radical Catholic charities are being funded by radicals and by the U.S. government.  This is treason.  They are letting hundreds of thousands of vagrants pour in to this beautiful country.  Biden does not know who any of them are, they are not taking any information.  They are not giving “court dates”.  They are giving them cell phones!  The press mouthpiece said this was so they could contact them later.  No Covid test, no criminal background check, nothing!  Just give ’em a cell phone and put them on an airplane or bus.

This Will Be The End of America as we know it!

Two million came in last year.  It is predicted that 4 to 5 million will show up this year!  It won’t be long before 20 million more will be here.  Who are they? :





Cartel Drug Dealers

Sex Traffickers

Drug Addicts


Psychopaths from around the world

The Biden radicals are the lowest scum in the world, allowing this to happen with wide-open borders.  The Democrat Party is anti-American.  It is for Drugs, Death, Child Rape, Criminals, and Psychopathic Killers.  Don’t ever vote for them again.  Get ready to defend yourself and your family from this invasion.  You have been warned!