Oh Really?  A Short List of Obama’s Crimes

and Crooked Capers

by I.M. Barabas

Oh Jay, You Forgot to Mention This......

Oh Jay, You Forgot to Mention This……

 How about his Six Monsanto people, his Secret Kill Lists, his NDAA which Carl Levin, on the floor of the Senate said that Obama pressured him to keep it in the bill? How about the opening up of Africom as a War Front, and calling it humanitarian? How about he and Kerry lobbying for an attack on Syria, potentially WWIII?

How about all the droning with Nazi V2 Drones, the torture of Chelsea Manning, the record amount of Whistleblowers prosecuted, us all being data mined and tapped, the completion of the NSA SuperSpy Center in Utah, the microphones in municipal buses, “border” checkpoints 100 miles from the border, renewing the Patriot Act for 4 years?

Jay Just Loves the Brand

Jay Just Loves the Brand

How about receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, and now the Shoah Humanitarian prize from Steven Spielberg, while John McCain, as a Fascist Avatar for Obama in Ukraine, visited the Neo-Nazi “rebels” we support there..McCain, as part of his “Fascist Greatest Hits” tour, previously visited Syria, where he posed with the head “rebel” there..who is AL QUAEDA.

Who IS Jay Rockefeller? Until recently, he was head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, where secrets are bottled up from Americans in the Name of National Security. Occupying that spot now is Dianne Feinstein, the richest APPARENT member of Congress (Rockefeller is, back to that in a moment). Jay Rockefeller is the Senior Rockefeller now, David is mostly doddering now. A tip of the iceberg family holding is JP Morgan/Chase Bank..notice how a Chase Bank is opening up on every corner? David Rockefeller founded and funded organizations which promoted and got passed GATT, NAFTA, CAFTA….and he co-founded the Trilateral Commission with Zbigniew.

Jay Rockefeller is promoting the Race Card to Balkanize us so that we don’t look at the reality of this government..don’t fall for it.

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