Congress Is Starting To Look Like A Cheap Version of Fascist Italy

I. M. Barabas


Fascist Mussolini Would be proud of Obama if alive today

Fascist Mussolini
Would be proud of Obama if alive today

The “rebels” we supported in Libya were Radical Islamists, including Al Quaeda..and they run the place now. That fact alone puts the lie to the War on “Terror”. We airlifted a bunch of them to Syria, and John McCain, who shows up in Syria and then the Ukraine, is our number one Republican Fascist..and he shows up there posing with a Syrian “Rebel” leader…who turns out to be Al Quaeda. McCain shows up as a representative of Obama and this government. They think we are stupid..and if you watch Mainstream Media, or read the NY Times….you are.

Hunter Biden Off to the Ukraine Hey, Thanks Dad!

Hunter Biden
Off to the Ukraine
Hey, Thanks Dad!

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s son was just appointed to the Board of Ukraine’s largest Gas Company, and the people feeding us propaganda think you are so stupid that when Jay Carney says that Biden is a “private citizen” and when the White House says “Joe Biden does not endorse this”…they think you will be stupid enough to not realize this for the corruption it is, while telling many that only Republicans are corrupt.

It used to be, as outlined in The Shock Doctrine and in Economic Hitmen, that only Third World countries were in the gunsights of the IMF/World Bank/CIA…now, it is First World countries. Look to Detroit as the model of the first city taken down by Globalist Fascist interests, and note that GM cars are made in South America, Russia, China..and not so much here anymore. Pensions, Unions, Health Care ruined when Obama, in a Mussolini move, “saved” the auto industry by throwing them into a bankruptcy, pre-packaged, which took 45 days to complete, a record for such a large bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Lawyers are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how that happened so fast. Also note that Detroit needed 20B to save it, and that we are launching three aircraft carriers which have a total price tag of 52 BILLION Dollars. Chrysler is in the hands of the Agnelli Family, Fiat, in Greece, Agnellis being the good Friends of Henry Kissinger. Detroit is a ruined city. Get ready for more….This is CFR Thomas Friedman’s Flat Earth, in which his job was to justify the Feudalism/Serfdom which is coming to all countries.

Jobs under Republicans and Democrats have been shipped overseas, and the only new jobs created, for the most part, are minimum wage jobs. McDonalds workers, WalMart workers…they need welfare.

The saying used to be “As goes GM, so goes the Nation.” That was when GM was the largest employer in the country. Now, the largest Employer is WalMart, and we know what happens to THEIR employees. “As goes WalMart, so goes the country”….a frightening thought.