Go ahead! Get it out of your system!   Rant, scream, shout it out!  Well, in this case, write it out!  You know how to type.  So do it.  There’s something that’s bugging the crap out of you:  

The rotten, corrupt government – blowhard politicians – greedy corporations – that crummy lemon of a car you just bought, high taxes, junk food, junk television, the new iPhone with the bad maps,  the movie you just wasted ten bucks to go see, chemtrails, GMO foods, the mayor, the DMV, the jerk bureaucrats you have to deal with, and everything else that is bothering your sense of the serene.

The Rules:

Rant about anything you want.  Pretend you are on the radio, no swearing or your post goes in the trash.  You know what we mean, the “F” word, the “S” word, etc.  We like to focus on politics and politicians, events, corporations, banks.  Public figures and celebs are pretty much fair game for insults.  Your neighbor is not, so be careful what you say about private, non-public individuals.  Humor is good. Explain why your rant subject is important for everyone else to read and enjoy.  Maybe there are millions of others out there thinking about the same thing.

So go ahead and send us your rant.  Make a difference.  Most of the sheeple out there have overdosed on fluoride and go outside on heavy chemtrail spraying days and breath deeply.  Not you.  You drink beer.  You only go outside to run down to the store for some smokes.  And you have opinions.  Your fat ass has been parked in front of that computer for hours downloading porn or watching Martha Stewart.  Now do something for society, for human kind.  Send us your Rant.

SEND YOUR RANT TO: you-rant@live.com

Note: All rants need to be approved by Mr. Rant.  Thanks!