Here is the link to the complete testimony of Iain Douglas-Hamilton’s recent appearance in the United States Senate regarding the slaughter of the elephant herds in Africa.

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Testimony of Iain DouglasHamilton

Founder and CEO, Save the Elephants


Ivory and Insecurity: The Global Implications of Poaching in Africa

before the Committee on Foreign Relations

U.S. Senate

May 24, 2012


Mr. Chairman, Mr. Ranking Member, and members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify today. I am honoured to appear before your committee.  My name is Iain Douglas‐Hamilton, and I have been studying elephants in Africa since 1966. I founded the African Elephant Specialist Group of the IUCN in 1975 and launched the first pan‐African elephant survey in 1977, funded by WCS and WWF. I have testified three times before Congress in the 1970s and 1980s when elephants were in peril from the ivory trade. We are once again in that situation. We are experiencing a huge upsurge in poaching, possibly to levels as high as those witnessed in the 1980s before the ivory ban. This time, however, we have more eyes on the ground and some unified systems endorsed by parties of the CITES treaty, for monitoring illegal killing of elephants (MIKE) and monitoring illegal trafficking of ivory through TRAFFIC, and their Elephant Trade Information System (ETIS). There are also many independent elephant scientists on the ground and trained rangers of wildlife authorities.

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Please become involved in this project.  Last year something like 25,000 magnificent elephants were slaughtered in Africa.  Entire elephant families were killed for their ivory.  If we do nothing they will be extinct in 20 years at this rate of slaughter.  Just like the American Bison, and many other species that have been pillaged, the elephants will be no more.  What good is the earth without our beautiful elephants, whales, dolphins, rhinos, and our other wildlife friends?  The human species will have shamed itself before God for this outrage against nature.  We have been given the responsibility to be good stewards of the earth.  When is mankind going to take this seriously as a responsibility that we have been given as a condition for our own survival?   Pass this information on to your friends and family.  Shine the light of truth on this subject.  Make sure our government takes the right steps to save the elephant herds in Africa.