Anti-Christian gay parade shows differences

between Christians and Moslems


A somewhat insulting anti-Christian, anti-Jesus parade in Hollywood by a small group of gays  in recent years spotlights the difference between the Christian and the Muslim worlds. The parade, in which a grown man in diapers is being pushed down Hollywood Boulevard to see his “mommy” at his home at Virgin Records (note the store is now closed down) while a mob of dressed up gays are singing “Silent Night, Holy Night”, hardly raised an eyebrow. The media never mentioned it; the Christians just shook their heads, wondering what new insults they will have to endure during their joyous holiday season.

Compare this to the recent anti-Mohammad video that caused such an explosive reaction in the Middle East. Riots in Cairo at our Embassy, westerners threatened with death, and an ugly mood all around. In Libya, a pre-planned attack against our Embassy in which four Americans, including the Ambassador, were killed, took place in a very hostile atmosphere. Although the video was not the cause of the attack, the Libyans were becoming more anti-Western by the day.  A lot of this because of a video made by an unknown guy and hardly seen by anyone until blared out in the Muslim press.

Meanwhile, in Hollywood, California, a small but insulting, mocking parade goes almost unnoticed. I would challenge those gays to go to the streets of Cairo and put on an anti-Muslim parade, like dragging a mannequin of Mohammad behind a camel. How many of them would come back to Hollywood in pine boxes? Gays want to be treated equally in all matters, maybe they should give some respect to others, including, dare we use the word, “Christians”.

But the larger issue is that America spends billions of dollars in foreign aid, much going to Muslim countries. When do we pressure these countries to change their ways, respect freedom of speech and freedom of religion?  Probably never. Maybe a good Christmas present to the Christian community would be to fire everyone in the State Department.  Why should we support rotten governments around the world who are reviling us, our beliefs, and our religious tolerance? And, by the way, our sexual tolerance.  Being openly gay in the Muslim world is dangerous.  Some countries in Africa are threatening to murder homosexuals and may be doing so at this moment.  How much foreign aid and support is given to these countries and why do we continue to do it?  Killing Christians in Egypt (which is happening) or gays in Africa, should motivate the State Department to issue some strong words:  like stop this crap or you will never get another dime from us and we will embargo and sanction your evil country.

A final point: if you are in a personal bad situation and are hungry, you can go to one of the many Christian churches in the area for a free dinner.  They will not ask you if you are gay or straight, Christian, Jew or Muslim.  They will just feed you.  And they will do it with a tremendous joy in their hearts.


You can watch the video here:

Posted by Ed Murray