Here’s something to consider:  The unfolding “Sexgate” scandal could lead to the impeachment or resignation of President Obama, and the installation of a new President: Joe Biden.  It could happen, although at this point it is only speculation.  But as we have seen in the past in this country, arrogance, lying, bad behavior, and incompetence can cause a rapid change in public attitude.

Look at Nixon.  A landslide victory if there ever was one.  Then came Watergate.  Lies, cover-ups, slush funds, cash hush money payoffs, and complete arrogance led to his resignation.  At some point, even an adoring public, when told the truth, will turn on a politician.  Why?  Because of the obsessive – compulsive nature of the American people.  It’s like a woman, maybe like your wife.  She loves you to death.  But if you betray her, cheat on her, humiliate her, watch out!  Chances are she will dump your sorry ass into the street.  And you will have deserved it, if you are that much of a moron. The “Sexgate” scandal is already showing signs of that.  Married men and women cheating on each other.  Lies to protect the President during an election.  Lies and cover-ups about foreign policy disasters (Benghazi).  Some Generals and high officials of giant corporations acting stupid and arrogant.  What it is going to get down to is what Obama knew, participated in, and did in the various cover-ups, resignations and scandals.  Sure, his army of minions will be out there trying to protect him.  But it might not work.

Remember in California when we had the recall of Gov. Gray Davis?  He went on television to defend himself, but it was obvious that the man was so arrogant and self-delusional that he just could not understand how angry the public was with him. And with his case, it was not even any personal misbehavior, it was mainly his handling of the electricity crises and his non-stop fund raising.  The homeless people used to call him the best pan-handler in California.  One jealous guy who had a begging spot at a freeway off ramp told me he wanted to be able to raise money like Gov. Gray Davis, he could work one or two days and then go to Hawaii for the rest of the year. Davis was astonished when he was recalled, and “Arnold”, the movie muscleman, took over.

Some advice to Joe Biden:  stay in the shadows on this crazy Sexgate – Benghazi stuff.  You might be the next President of the United States!

posted by: Ed Murray